Monday, 16 April 2007


An edgy town - the people, the streets and even the ocean. Durban's foreshore suffered from a series of huge 6m+ waves just after we visited, which also affected the rest of the coastline.
We spent a few days here, mostly on serious R&R - checked out the beach (best moment was when the surf lifesavers made an announcement warning of the dangers of thieves, rather than of the ocean!, finishing with "don't say I didn't warn you"). The city has a pretty good art gallery, and of course there was the rugby - we watched the Hurricanes get theirs at the ABSA Stadium, home of the Sharks. And, we were spotted and taken pity on by the president of the Sharks Supporters Club (George Laas) and invited back there after the match. Rugby seems incredibly important to the white Sth African community, here in Durban anyway. The Supporters Club is a really big deal - and we got to meet a few Hurricanes, including Jerry Collins (who also addressed the crowd), which was fun (though George seemed surprised that we didn't already know each other!!).

The famous Durban surf.

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